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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 10, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the news -- at eight -- is now at 8-- about this case?
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nisbet arrested just one day before he was to be given the 2013 junior golf leader award. investigators say it was that type prestige nisbet used along with gaining the trust of parents to manipulate his victims among (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: >> reporter: police say nisbet had created a golf program called grip, its programs where he would travel with kids, and mentor them the program currently has 175 kids enrolled in it >> reporter:now investigators are looking in to a possible third alleged victim who has stepped forward after the allegations surfaced >> reporter: happened
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between 2009 and 2012, i did check with the golf corse all they would say is that nisbet was a former employee he no longer works here that the number one grew tired of it and said enough is enough. i cannot let this happen anymore. these were unwanted ax to begin with. >> reporter: investigator said it was the type of prestige and is used to be along with gaining the trust of parents to antimonide let victims. manipulate his victims' in the oakland hills today.
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>> reporter: reporting and livermore scott rates kron4 men's >> pam: a scare for some residents in the oakland hills today. a p-g&e gas line break caused an undergound fire that reached surface streets. after burning for hours. crews have now shut off the flow of gas to a 4-inch pipeline there.
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it happened near the intersection of golf links road and fontaine street. close to interstate- 580. six homes in the area had to be evacuated it took p-g&e crews 3-hours to stop the gas leak. no one was injured during the incident. the cause is under investigation. >> pam: a family who had been missing in northern nevada. have been found - and they're all ok tonight. this was the scene a few hours ago when they were brought to the hospital by ambulance. the two adults and four >> pam: children had left sunday afternoon to play in the snow in a rugged wilderness region.but their jeep flipped over after they drove over an embankment. the family built fires to stay warm in temperatures that dipped to 16 below zero. >> jacqueline: >> pam: the cold snap continuing tonight.
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kron 4 chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center tracking the conditions. and the end to the freezing weather is in sight. jacqueline when can we expect to see a warm up in our weather? janet >> we will nessie freezing conditions over here over night. above breezing from 33 to 36 degrees. we do have a freeze in morning and affect foreign most of the north bay. for most of the north that. >> pam: the 50 year old homeless man who died in hayward has been identified as joe white. while hypothermia is
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believed to have contributed to his death, the coroner still has yet to make a determination. >> pam: last night kron 4's dan kerman told you how hayward has no shelters for men. new tonight at 8-- he uncovers additional problems homeless people in that city face. >> date are in need of a place and that is what we are doing there are in need of food as long as our doors are opened that's what we would do. >> >> reporter: homeless advocate the days of multiple meals in places like portuguese are over. in late october the hayward city council titanic it regulations. tightened. >> making people go hungry
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two to three times a week would not sail would not solve anything. >> that are criminalize for doing random acts of kindness and that is sad. >> reporter: getting a better handle on those is a city a sissy, associated with these kind of meals. those other places are on private property and that seems to be hayworth attitude. the city has budget restraints to let private organizations solve the problems of the homeless. >> reporter: as for now to not look for any change is coming from city hall regarding the homeless it would have to come from private organizations at
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city hall and hayward kron 4 news. >> pam: happening now. >> pam: a protest in sonoma county. after police arrest a man protesting police brutality. >> pam: it started at a rally for andy lopez the santa rosa teen shot and killed by a sonoma county deputy. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news you can see police arresting a man at the santa rosa city council meeting earlier tonight. >> pam: from there swarms of people headed to city hall angry over his arrest and then to the jail >> pam: that is where we find kroon 4's justine waldman live tonight with the very latest. justine? >> reporter: the protesters have just left the sonoma county sheriff's office and has been a long evening. the protester was arrested for
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harassing a police officer >> reporter: that was started the original protest at the city council meeting. a protester was arrested patrick back at the jail house he did kill house the it salt until house did pass thief psychological test. and was placed on a ministry of administrative employment
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status working at the desk. >>how could he possibly return back to work after shooting a child in pour community? >> reporter: the santa rosa police department has not finished the criminal investigation into the shooting of and below pass. they have not decided yet if you kill house will face charges. gelhouse will face
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charges for shooting andy lopez. >> pam: richmond police arrest a 15-year-old boy. who was carrying an uzi submachine gun. the richmond police chief tweeted out this photograph of the gun. >> pam: on monday, officers say the saw the teen on ninth street. take off running and his waistband. >> pam: the teen barricaded himself in a house for a time. police say. the uzi was loaded. the teen was arrested for possession of a firearm and on an outstanding arrest warrant. no word on who owned the gun. >> pam: a man is in critical condition, after he was shot by a sheriff's deputy in saratoga. >> pam: two deputies were also hurt and taken to the hospital. this was the scene at the
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corner of saratoga and mc- farlane avenues this afternoon. where a lone patrol car and several orange cones marked the spot where the shooting occurred. >> pam: the deputies had responded to reports of a suicidal man at the saratoga office center. that's when a sheriff spokesman says, the man attacked the deputies with a metal object, before one deputy shot him once. .the altercation >> the subject struck one of the deputies with an object. >> pam: the shooting occurred just outside the saratoga office center, but it's not clear if the man worked there. he has not been identified. the deputies are being treated for what are described as non life- threatening injuries. we've heard from plenty of in the next few hours." >> pam: ahead at eight. bay area firefighters and police officers restoring the faith after some grinches steal christmas. see what they're doing to what causes this six-year- old to get suspended from school could just make you
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>> pam: president obama joined other world leaders tuesday to pay tribute to nelson mandela. the president said the former south african president inspired him to be a better person. jim acosta has the story. >> reporter:the pouring rain never dampened the moment as the world remembered nelson mandela. president obama led a bipartisan us delegation of political heavyweights from the clintons to the bushes o honor the late south african icon. the president dubbed the man known to south africans as madiba and as the last great century. (cheers & applause) >>"it took a man like madeira to be not just the prisoner, but the jailer as well., to show that you must
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trust others so that they may trust you." >> reporter:tailoring his speech for both a global and u-s audience, mr. obama called on the world to never forget mandela sought t teams. teachings. >>"for around the world today, we still see children suffering from hunger, and disease, run down schools, and young people without prospects for the future. >>but the message was also personal. >>"we must ask how well have i applied his lessons in my own life? it is a question i ask myself - as a man and as a president. he makes me want to be a better man." >> reporter:with nearly 100 world leaders gathered in this stadium, there were bound to be surprises. mr. obama shook hands with cuban leader raul castro,the first american president to do so
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since bill clinton came face to face with fidel castro in 2000. but it was the image of an american president with african roots that touched this woman in the massive crowd. >>"it really made a statement. it will really make a difference to our country." >> reporter:still, the day belonged to mandela whose death this man said was like losing a father. >>"it is like living in a house that has no roof on top of it anymore. that's how he feels like. >> reporter:and here in the bay area. san francisco mayor ed lee has announced a public celebration tomorrow to honor mandela'. >> pam: it will be held in the city hall rotunda at 8- am. >> pam: airport delays and major car accident more than 2600 flights were canceled nationwide. milwaukee icy conditions causing a 30 car pile up.
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washington d.c., baltimore with winter advisory's most had expired now but the cold temperatures are not going away anytime soon. >> jacqueline: we have a little bit of high cloud coverage. overnight expected as well. it was a little warmer out there and the low 50s practically bay area why it and we did hit 56. not quite as widespread as morning pass. we will still
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see a hand full of '20s out there tomorrow. >> jacqueline: frosted does reflect the bay shorts. but if 3 to 36 range. freeze warnings and effect for most of the bay area. here be below freezing for several hours. so here is a look at the temperatures in your neighborhood fairfield 28 and now but 29. they shores will be warmer and the low to mid '30's. we will still be in the low fifties for
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concord and antioch. extended forecast with a chilly day to begin the day tomorrow out of freeze and territory by thursday and back to more comfortable temperatures by this weekend. >> pam: what is has been working on to improve the television experience for kron 4 bay areas. >> pam: and brand new show here on kron 4 with big-time interviews with one on one warrior star staff curry. s teph
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>> reporter:comcast has been hard at work innovating to keep uptonight they showed the media what they have been experience for their bay area customers. our tech reporter gabe slate
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>> pam: went unto you here which tradition is going by the wayside at this year's super bowl. + y 16 year old student is being treated as a sex offender. but first some bay area officers and firefighters restoring the faith after some critics still christmas. 6 years old.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: uc in this surveillance video there there is a positive and to this.
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>> reporter: gives intended for two families were stolen by a car burglar. he is seen here lurking on around the car on the serbs valence of video. a thousand dollar worth of gifts were stolen. and two of the cars were broken into parent police believe this guy is the same guy captured on surveillance at a vallejo target using gift card spiri >> tragedy to think that these presents a word and tended for family who had other issues going on and the oakland children's hospital. it's really sad such a tragic but we are helpful to help out
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>> reporter: coming up at 11 we will talk to the nurse whose car pills gives were sitting and print and what she had to say about the outpouring of support >> pam: new tonight at 8 with frigid temperatures once again this evening, the shelters in the south bay will be offering an extended offers extended hours and extra beds tonight to help people stay out of the weather. kron4's charles clifford has details. new tonight at 8-- a number of hotels around the world are beginning to cater their services specifically to women. offering women-only floors.
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you won't find anything like that here in california. but you can find hotels that offer plenty of female- >> reporter: the shelter is normally open from 6 to the evening to 6 in the morning but tomorrow it will be open until 9 in the morning. they will also keep the sunnyvale shelter open and gilroy shelter opened on the same extended hours however they do not know how they will pay for the shelters will not be able to operate on those extended hours beyond wednesday. >> jacqueline: beyond wednesday the temperatures will be of the freezing range, that is good news. 38 and now thought and also in the 30's are the dow tel. delta... and 40 for
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livermore. it will not be as cold as what we have seen in days past. we will warm up each day. >> jacqueline: we still may see if freezing portion for the bay area and we will take a look at the abies rates are and of fact. coming up. >> pam: net tonight at 8 a number of hotels among the world are beginning to cater to women by offering women only floor spirit you won't find anything like that here in california. but she can't find hotels that offer
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plenty of female amenities. friendly amenities. >> pam: kron 4's john fenoglio is in san francisco with a look at how one hotel chain is when you want them. >> it is the largest growing segment of our traveler. >> reporter: says that more appealing to a female guest, details matter. just >> little component of the guest experience that have always bid and the building but not necessarily in the room we call those guest request items now we have replaced them and now we have placed them in the room for the ladies. >> reporter: executives learned that they can't attract more female clientele by providing female targeted amenities.
8:36 pm
at the mandarin hotel women represent 40% of business travelers in here and they are offered rooms with separate office space. in a separate one iv kit that may be joining our. a seperate room for her kid that may be joing her. >>spa reservations. >> reporter: it is clear that female travelers will
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no longer stay behind.. >> pam:
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>> pam: a san diego man who state official said creek a tick a so-called reid bench warrant was side is behind bars tonight. revenge-porn
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website. but what is being charged with 31 counts of conspiracy, i did the death, and extortion. authorities say he created a website that let people anonymously post explicit photographs of others the had extorted hundreds of dollars from the victims to remove the photographs hubble large is being held on $50,000 bail. >> pam: we are giving you avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta.
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>> pam: and six year-old boy kissed a classmate and got suspended for sexual harassment now his mother is fighting to get the incident remote from his six from his school record reporter bonnie silk of and spoke
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with the little boy about what happened. 2 it was during class we were doing reading group and i leaned over and kissed her on that and that's what happened. >> reporter: for that six year old hunter is home to date instead of at school. >> i did something wrong. they sent me to the office, there and square i feel sorry. " >> reporter: she was fine with that they are boyfriend and girlfriend the other children saw it and went to the music teacher. that was the day i had the meeting with the principle, where she first said the sexual harassment. this is taking it to an extreme that does
8:44 pm
not need to be met with a six year old now my son is asking questions, what is sex mommy? edition not ever be sad, sex, and a sentence with a six year old. it should not ever be said... >> reporter: the bulk hunter and his mom, jennifer, and met he has some trouble at school and the past. should he has been suspended for roughhousing and for kissing the same girl on the cheek. we have been working with him with the classroom disruption he was all around
8:45 pm
for awhile without restrictions. it the superintended as school district 1 says hunter record will remain within a district and that hunter's actions that the school policy descriptions of sexual harassment. >> how can you do this? how can you say this about my child? remove sexual harassment remove it from his record. i am calling to stand up and fight for him because bad is not the case that is not what happened all. >> jacqueline: 25 fairfield and 28 and livermore and freezing in san jose but warmer for the bay shores and mid '30's for the most part. for the afternoon we are warming as well in the upper 50s and 60 degrees spirit but to we will not see any range for quite some time patrick again, still
8:46 pm
pretty cold up there morning into the next several days of freezing territory by thursday the weekend looking one compared to what we have seen and the test. seen in the past. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: to voice of reason asking drivers to slow down. and one that creek. >> reporter: to slow down like this sign reading tried like your kids live here. >> reporter: one of the sponsors of this sign is lelan jorgesnsen >> reporter:
8:47 pm
>> i have been nearly hit at my own cross what probably twice a week for about three years now and i'm tired of its spirit >> reporter: she brought her own staff signed the county took it down. >> within five hours of posting in was taken down so i have learned from that day that the county can act as if they need to correc >> reporter: then she brought a real pedestrian crosswalks signed, followed by a slow blind curve site and a slowdown signed none of the signs appeared to work. >> reporter: so i brought a different type of sign it was the sign of the california highway patrol and for some reason best thing to do the trick. >>whoo! >> reporter: lee lund says
8:48 pm
is so bad that instead of walking her kids to school which is only a block away is safer to drive them. this driver doing 34 and 25 which by the way is a school zone there are two schools nearby to be exact when the driver was as tough as he thought he was going he said 40 >> action is some good news you were only the 135 >> reporter: the county in stock electronic sensors on the ground to gauge the speed of drivers with good results on be in for two weeks. >> i don't have that long i got the guy in a monster at 34 >> reporter: i asked the driver a very simple question which is been answered for him do you ever see those signs but you don't have no kids so it doesn't matter or kind of hard to put that in perspective, and he says yes
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:what's wrong, pam? the phone are lighting up! >> pam: (laughter) my bad! >> gary: no one really cares if you made a mistake! >> pam: yes, they do
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(laughter) >> gary: his competitive spirit will probably take him to baltimore at which it is the latest that baltimore orioles are in talks to balfour. >> gary: k. beckham make the move with three hey they can make the move with three! >> campeau is plant extremely good football right now. moving on to the next one. >> gary: with the seahawks
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went in the rearview mirror the forty-niners and coach jim harbour are looking ahead to the box sunday in tampa bay. bucs >> gary: we are going to have some fun. to give some of the folks that listen to the real and experience. >> gary: we can get people in their cars to listen. just sitting in your car and watch the show. pam will be watching >> jacqueline: maybe if you can keep my attention. >> pam: (laughter) >> jacqueline: (laughter) the >> gary:
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ok reso mania reso mania... wrestlemania will be apart of 49r's new stadium in march! these boys will make some money! >> gary: and oakland and dennis palin and willie browndennis allen when you are going to a 49 sees it and get the guys all to help this is pretty good. >> go out and do some
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exercise for the young kids start them off early and hopefully they will fall through with this through high school and college. willie brown! >> gary: we will have highlights for you and little bit later. warriors will host monteux ellis and the dallas mavericks to meionite today staff curry talk about how the team can't get can't keep getting down a bit early in games. >> gary: if you believe charles barkley these are the two best games to best play teams in the nba. >> pam: if you want to stay
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in touch stay connected with kron for that, will be back tonight at 11:00 at sea than
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i never get used to the magnitude of this place, what it's taken to keep this country free. all societies build monuments to their dead to convince future combatants that it's an honor to die in battle. well, for these servicemen, it was, you know? and somebody to use this place to protest the war-- it just pisses me off. these are the lives that gave them that right. these men-- they should be respected. if they were really respected, maybe not so many of them would be buried here. are we going to get into something here, bones? i don't see why. i think we both wish this place were a lot smaller. agent booth, dr. brennan, right this way. must have happened in the middle of the night. place is so big, no one saw the fire. ( camera shutters clicking ) the accelerant was charcoal starter. we didn't find a suicide note. if he was a protestor, wouldn't he leave a note? didn't need to. it's on charlie kent's grave. press was coming out this morning to do a tribute to him.


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